Paneris - a 10 Minute Presentation


Version 1.0


These are the notes I used when I did a 10 minute presentation about Paneris to Keyhaven. The presentation was done with the aid of a flip chart. All points are designed to prompt brief elaboration.



  1. Introduction

  2. What is Paneris?

  3. Why does it Exist?

  4. How does Paneris Work?

  5. What use is Paneris to You?

  6. Where are we Going?


1. Introduction



2. What is Paneris?

Paneris is a Community and a System

Community: We are a community of Web Developers...

System: The information systems that allow members of the community to work together to deliver technical solutions to our customers


3. Why does it Exist?

  1. Management of projects...

  2. Because we are techies (and we don't like pointed headed bosses)...

  3. The Internet allows it to exist (communications, working from home etc..)

  4. Web sites naturally require skill sets that are generally not found in individuals.

  5. Because we do things Cheaper, Faster and better.


4. How does Paneris Work?

Structure Diagram

About the Paneris Site

  1. Project Documentation

  2. Project Planning

  3. Change Control

  4. Bug Tracking

  5. Invoicing

  6. Time Recording

Communication - the importance of it, ICQ, messageboards etc.

Work - How we get it, the importance of our Partners.

Financing Paneris - doesn't take much money.


5. What use is Paneris to You?

Competence - how good we are.

As a Partner:

  1. Management

  2. Flexibility

  3. Money

As a Member:

  1. More Flexibility

  2. Less Money

  3. More Commitment


6. Where are we going?

NewBox, surfing the digital revolution etc..